The Fishermen’s Welfare Alliance is still in its formative period but has started to gain significant recognition as a powerful and well represented force for good in the health, safety and welfare issues of the fishing industry. Proposed by four national representative organisations of fishermen, the Alliance aims to put the leadership of meeting the challenges of the Work in Fishing Convention and the Modern Slavery Act within the fishing industry while ensuring the the supply chain and associated organisations are engaged and supportive.


As an alliance each member must be focused on delivering a common goal of legal compliance in a safer, healthier and more secure fishing industry. Structured with four key stakeholder groups, with clear pillars of responsibility across the groups, the Alliance will work for the benefit of all fishermen, including supporting the human and labour rights of fishermen internationally.


The Fishermen’s Welfare Alliance core work group are hoping to accept membership in the comming months to further improve its ability to achieve UK wide improvements to the benefit of fishermen and their communities.